Portfolio Category: Exterior Spaces

Aerial Video

This drone video provides a great overview of the Waters Edge property. Thanks to JB and Caitlin for allowing us to record a portion of their reception.
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Overview Video

This video takes you on the grand tour of the Waters Edge Vineyard grounds, from entry to a full tour of this wonderful wedding venue location!
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Photo Collage Video

Take a tour of the entire Waters Edge Vineyard wedding reception venue with some of our favorite photos . Then call us to make your dream wedding come true!
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Chapel in the Pavilion

When the sun is shining, the grass is green and the flowers are a'bloom, the Chapel in the Pavilion is the best way to enjoy the gardens from reception start to the final salut'. With church pew seating for 400, the Chapel in the Pavilion provides the best view of the vineyard. It also offers…
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