We just wanted to send you another quick message about our wedding Friday. We can't thank you enough for your help throughout the process of getting ready for our wedding...


The  Waters Edge grounds looked absolutely beautiful on Friday and I think just about every guest commented on it and asked how we found out about the venue. We are so appreciative of the little things that you helped us with that I know aren't in your regular job description (flowers at the alter, water bottles, making sure there were food and drinks in the Rathskeller, etc.). You made us feel more relaxed about the set up and the day of.


Sharon who took over for you for the reception was also great! It was a seamless transition from you being there to her being there. Joe is lucky to have a staff like you all to help him keep things running how you do. I'm glad we were able to pop back in Saturday afternoon to talk with you and Joe. We hope the Saturday night wedding went just as smoothly as ours did.


Take care and best of luck this wedding season!

Devin and Jeff, June 2015